Al Block: Selling Metro Detroit for over 28 years.
Put AL on your BLOCK! .... since 1989

Imagine having your own online marketing kingdom without any expense and or the need for technical knowledge.

Point2 makes it possible and over 100,000 agents across the world put their trust in them.

Check it out for yourself.  Link to free membership is below, but let me tell you what you get:

  1. Choose from hundreds of templates, designs, and they all look like you paid a million bucks.
  2. Domain purchasing and pointing engine (don't have to be a techy).
  3. Customized content--you create anything you want easily. Online video tutorials, simple and easy.
  4. IDX Listings--control the listings, publish only yours, block competitors listings, publish all listings.
  5. Featured Listings-create a killer online presence that will wow any seller, in just minutes.
  6. Online Reports--upload documents, or add "canned" reports that consumers will leave their info for.
  7. Home Evaluation Forms
  8. Customizable Meta Tags--hears of "search engine optimization".  You don't have to pay anyone to do it.
  9. Slide show Virtual Tours--free and automatic when uploading photos.
  10. Ability to show listings with 36 photos selling advertising on your site too.
  11. Mortgage Calculators--easy to use.
  12. 3rd level domains for EACH of your listings--
  13. Neighborhood Expert--you can own the rights to cities, areas and the leads come right to you.
  14. Google Maps--allows consumer to pinpoint where the house is on Earth.
  15. Google Earth--sattelite view of your listings from Mars.
  16. Electronic listing brochures--two or three clicks, print, done.
  17. Mobile Listings to go--for palm, laptop users
  18. Prospect management system--online contact management
  19. Drip email campaigns for keeping in touch--this is the best, point, click, and you are now marketing the lead
  20. Add audio to your listings--speak up your properties.
  21. Message board/Brainstorming forum--get help from agents across the world.
  22. Extensive Statistical Data for tracking visitors--this is cool stuff.  Can prove online effectiveness to clients.
  23. Area for seller to log in and make comments on their homes--empower your clients.
  24. Customizable Blogs--you have the ability to created unlimited blogs--mini websites you add info too.
  25. Virtual Tours that are branded or unbranded?
  26. NLS-National Listing Service
  27. Agent Handshake--see what others in your area are listing everyday, right to your email.
  28. Absolutely too much to list so check it out for yourself:
So what's the catch? 
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