Al Block: Selling Metro Detroit for over 28 years.
Put AL on your BLOCK! .... since 1989

Three mistakes you don't want to make buying or selling a home in SE Michigan right now.

#1:  Everyone has an opinion.  Real estate is one of those topics that every one wants to give you their two cents, whether you ask for it or not.  Be careful . . . Unless they have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, they don't really know.  It is like going to a friend, who is not a medical doctor,  to diagnose you for cancer.  Not to say your friends and family can't give you good advice, just consult a professional.  In fact, the State of Michigan law states only a licensed real estate agent can give such advice.

#2:  Buying foreclosed property . . . don't believe late night TV infomercials telling you about all the money you can make buying and selling these types of properties.  And you need money if you are going to do it.  There are good deals to be had but usually not for the short run.  Be prepared to be a landlord since the market it not primed for house flipping at this time. 

#3:  Realtors® are not all the same.  Unlike other professions, there is a vast difference in level of skills even though we mostly hold the same title.  If you are a buyer, you will want to hire an Buyer's Agent that is highly skilled in buyer representation and negotiation.  If you are a seller, you want to hire a Listing Agent that has similar skills, education, but also a toolbox filled with an arsenal of products and services to market your property.  

Why settle for just anyone to help you buy or sell a home. Realtors® are not all the same, don't settle for part-time or unexperienced. How do you know, how can you tell? Well, RE/MAX® agents are full-time, more experienced, and have many years of experience. AL BLOCK of RE/MAX First, Inc. is an 18 year veteran, licensed appraiser, and skilled in real estate finance.


Al Block ,abr,gri,qsc,sres

Go to and read his biography, see every home on the market , and peruse his references. This man has been involved with real estate since childhood.  By far the most professional, knowledgeable Realtor® in town.

Call 1-800-SOLD-678 for a private consultation.

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